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Purchase Order Information

Purchase orders may be faxed or emailed to our winery office.

Fax: (503) 623-7878

Once a purchase order is confirmed, it is forwarded to Northwest Distribution and Storage where it is used to assemble the order. Please be sure to include the following items on your purchase order to ensure accuracy and efficiency when processing your request.

  1. A purchase order number and contact information.
  2. The date and location where the order will be picked up.
    • Orders can be picked up directly at Northwest Distribution and Storage. Northwest Distribution and Storage can also ship to select Northern California consolidation warehouses.
  3. A description of the order including:
    • Vintage
    • Name: Papillon Pinot Noir, Cherry Hill Estate Pinot Noir, Cherry Hill Estate Dijon Cuvee, Blanc de Pinot Noir Estate, or Vanda Pinot Noir Dry Rosé
  4. Quantity of each wine indicated by number of cases.
  5. The price per case for each of the requested wines, as well as a total cost for each.
  6. The grand total for the order.

Orders for pick up at Northwest Distribution and Storage can be ready as early as 24 hours after the purchase order is confirmed. Orders to be picked up at a location other than Northwest Distribution and Storage will be shipped three times a week to California and will be ready for pick up within three days of shipment.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions: (503) 623-7867.

Technical Data

2019 Blanc de Pinot Noir 10/6/19 21.5 Brix 13.5% 100% Stainless 4/28/2019 136 Cases
2017 Estate Pinot Noir 10/11/17 23.2 Brix 13.8% 18 m oak 4/2/2019 909 Cases
2017 Dijon Cuvée Pinot Noir 10/19/2017 23.4 Brix 13.8% 18 m oak 4/2/2019 1209 Cases
2013 Dijon Cuvée Pinot Noir 10/06/2013 22 Brix 12.5% 18 m. neutral oak 3/12/2015 638 Cases

Northwest Distribution & Storage Contact Information

All of our wine is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse at Northwest Distribution and Storage in Salem, OR. For information on the vintages currently available, please contact our office at (503) 623-7867, or email us at

Northwest Distribution and Storage, Inc.
Terry Krigsvold
1745 Oxford Street SE Suite 150
Salem, OR  97302
[T] 503-362-2212
[F] 503-362-5365